Guma Guma holes

De astonishing ” Guma Guma holes ( Blow holes) are 10 minutes walk from Zion Country on the volcanic rocks. It has cracks and tunnels in the rocks and it comes somewhere out more inland by a huge hole (blow Hole) were the water get pushed up true it and is visible as Geysers, very spectacular.

Under the Rock Beach

Entrance directly on the main road, 5 minutes drive from Zion Country.
Under the rock  beach is new since 2 years and it gets nice developed in a small bay. The beach is small but nice and romantic. There is food on sale and in the season you can eat on the beach.

  • There is on the top (entrance) and bottom a bar what sell all kind of drinks.
  • Every Sunday night there is music and some times they have live shows with local talent.
  • In the night the whole setting looks nice with colorful lights and benches to sit on.
  • Try it out with a nice drink in the hand.
  • Entrance is free (when there is no live music or sound system).

Holland Bay

Near Morant Point Lighthouse, one of Zion Country’s regular trips, 25 minutes drive from Zion Country Beach Cabins.
This beach is situated in the next Parish, St Thomas. This is a hidden away beach, what is beautiful for swimming, most of the times it is you alone there.

  • There are NO drinks or food on sale.
  • Entrance is Free.

Ennises Bay Beach

Entrance situated on the main road in the community of Longroad (Zion Country Beach Cabins home yard), 2 minutes drive from Zion Country Beach Cabins.
This is a beach half gravel, half sand. On this beach you find most of the time locals and it is good to swim, there is a reef out there what is nice for snorkeling (don’t go there with high waves).

  • There are food and drinks for sale (normal prices).
  • There is also a club where you can go in the night for dance and go-go dancing.
  • Every Sunday night they have a party going on with a sound system.
  • Entrance is free.

Long Bay Beach

Entrance situated over a stretch of 1 miles on the main road, 15 minutes drive from Zion Country Beach Cabins.Long Bay Beach is also called ” hidden paradise beach”. This beach is not at all over crowded and it’s a perfect place to met the local people and have a drink with them. The sea is amazing with it’s colors and waves. This is not always a safe beach for the smallest children so keep a eye on them.NOTE for every swimmer in Long Bay Beach, only swim where you see others swimming, don’t swim far out and keep a eye on each other during swimming. There is sometimes a STRONG under current.

Here you find several restaurants:

  • Fisherman’s Park: local food , normal prices.
  • Marcus bar:Seafood, middle prices
  • Chill Out: local and European food like pizza’s (normal/high prices).


Boston Beach

Entrance situated on the main road, 25 minutes drive from Zion Country Beach Cabins.
This small beach is famous by the wave surfers. In October and November you find here in the early morning hours one of the highest waves in Jamaica. You can make you swimming with a nice combination of eating some jerk food from next door.

  • There are drinks for sale (normal prices).

Boston beach got recently refurbished and is very nice comparing and it is huge improvement.

Winnefred Beach

Entrance, take a right turn by reaching Jamaican Crest Hotel in Fairy Hill, right again and you follow this road till next left, follow this and it brings you finally by the beach, 25 minutes drive from Zion Country Beach Cabins.
Winnefred beach is the only PUBLIC beach left over in east Portland. This beach is one of the most popular beaches by visitors and locals. On the holiday weekends you will found a lot of people and most of the times there is playing a sound system. You can eat the best food by “Lick them Fingers” a restaurant run by Cynthia and Painter. This beach is the perfect beach for children, most of the times quiet water and shallow, so safe for the small ones. You will find on the end of the beach a spring
where you can take a nice swim.

  • There are also drinks and craft on sale (normal prices).
  • The entrance is free.


Frenchman’s Cove

Entrance situated on the main road, 35 minutes drive from Zion Country Beach Cabins.
Frenchman’s cove is a nice beautiful beach what is on a small hotel property. The garden and entrance are beautifully landscaped and there is a fresh water river flowing over the property. The water is safe to swim and there is a rescue guard on duty. After swimming in the crystal clear sea water you take a dip in the river and wash off the salt.

  • There are food and drinks for sale (normal prices).
  • The entrance price is 9 US$.

San San Beach

Entrance situated on the main road, 40 minutes drive from Zion Country Beach Cabins.
San San beach is THE beach for snorkeling. The whole marine life area around San San beach is protected by law. No fish shooting, fishing or fast boats are allowed here. This is a nice piece of marine life to explore.

  • There are food and drinks for sale (high prices).
  • The entrance price is 10 US$

Party expeditions

Most of the time we offer free transportation to nearby communities when sound systems are playing. We offer transportation in the evening (on request) to the following clubs in Port Antonio:  Club Cristals and the Roof Club.

This is a Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins trip.
Included: all transportation. Prices on request.