Bath Fountain and Spa half day trip

This little village lies on the banks of the Garden River.Here you find Bath Fountain. You can take a dip in the mineral hot spring water or get a hot water massage with towels from one of the many locals what hang around the natural hot bath in the river. If you prefer more privacy and quietness try one of the hot water baths inside the old original hotel, situated at the parking lot. Here you can rent your own bathroom with the same natural hot water. This is always a pleasant experience. The waters are high in lime and other minerals sulphur, magnesium, and have therapeutic value in treating skin ailments and rheumatic conditions. The drive to Bath leads us through banana estates on one side and the Blue Mountains on the other.

This is a Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins half day trip.
Included: all transportation. Prices on request.

Boston Beach

Entrance situated on the main road, 25 minutes drive from Zion Country Beach Cabins.
This small beach is famous by the wave surfers. In October and November you find here in the early morning hours one of the highest waves in Jamaica. You can make you swimming with a nice combination of eating some jerk food from next door.

  • There are drinks for sale (normal prices).

Boston beach got recently refurbished and is very nice comparing and it is huge improvement.

Eco-Trip Special” Blue Mountains

Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins offers is a 3 day/2 night trip to the Blue Mountains. Our drive takes us from Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins through Cedar Valley to the Blue Mountains. On our way we cross 2 rivers and enjoy the many beautiful views. At Hagley Gap we park our car and change to a 4-wheel drive vehicle which takes us to Whitfield Hall, a half hour drive..

There we spend the nights at a “bobo rasta” family’s (Jah-B) house among the coffee farms. Here breakfast and dinner are cooked to order, there are drinks and little snacks available and in the coffee season you can help to pick the coffee beans and make your own world famous Blue Mountain coffee. If you want to go up to the peak we start at around 2 a.m. in the morning. The climb takes about 3.5 hours and you have to be physically fit. We reach the peak just before sunrise. Here you can see the lights of Kingston; on a clear day a fabulous sunrise will dazzle your eyes and sometimes you can see all the way to Cuba. It can be very cold at the peak, so please bring extra clothing. Don’t forget Hiking boots, extra water, dried fruit and last but not least a flashlight

Further up is cloud forest, dripping with filaments of hanging lichens and festooned with epiphytus and moss. Near the top is Stunted Dwarf or Elfin Forest, with trees such as Hirsute, Soapwood and Redwood no more than 3 m tall –an adaptation to the extreme temperatures. On return at our base, breakfast is served and the rest of the day is reserved for relaxation. An alternative for hiking the peak, is a visit to a waterfall — a 2 hour hike.The following day you can “chill out ” or take a walk, exploring the surrounding area . On the third day we drive back to Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins.

Included: All transportation and two nights accommodation. Three day trip. Prices on request.

Ennises Bay Beach

Entrance situated on the main road in the community of Longroad (Zion Country Beach Cabins home yard), 2 minutes drive from Zion Country Beach Cabins.
This is a beach half gravel, half sand. On this beach you find most of the time locals and it is good to swim, there is a reef out there what is nice for snorkeling (don’t go there with high waves).

  • There are food and drinks for sale (normal prices).
  • There is also a club where you can go in the night for dance and go-go dancing.
  • Every Sunday night they have a party going on with a sound system.
  • Entrance is free.

Frenchman’s Cove

Entrance situated on the main road, 35 minutes drive from Zion Country Beach Cabins.
Frenchman’s cove is a nice beautiful beach what is on a small hotel property. The garden and entrance are beautifully landscaped and there is a fresh water river flowing over the property. The water is safe to swim and there is a rescue guard on duty. After swimming in the crystal clear sea water you take a dip in the river and wash off the salt.

  • There are food and drinks for sale (normal prices).
  • The entrance price is 9 US$.

Guma Guma holes

De astonishing ” Guma Guma holes ( Blow holes) are 10 minutes walk from Zion Country on the volcanic rocks. It has cracks and tunnels in the rocks and it comes somewhere out more inland by a huge hole (blow Hole) were the water get pushed up true it and is visible as Geysers, very spectacular.

Holland Bay

Near Morant Point Lighthouse, one of Zion Country’s regular trips, 25 minutes drive from Zion Country Beach Cabins.
This beach is situated in the next Parish, St Thomas. This is a hidden away beach, what is beautiful for swimming, most of the times it is you alone there.

  • There are NO drinks or food on sale.
  • Entrance is Free.

Kingston: Bob Marley Museum and shopping day trip

Kingston is Jamaica’s teeming capital city. Population approx. 1 million. The city overlooks the seventh largest natural harbor in the world.With the waterfront on its Southern border, it spreads out in a fan shape from the harbor and rises gently toward the foothills and spur ridges of the Blue Mountains, nestled in a cusp. We drive you to the Bob Marley Museum where you get a tour about Bob’s musical career. (You are not allowed to wander at will, nor are cameras or tape recorders permitted). Afterwards we can visit Devon House, where you find the best ice cream in Jamaica.

This is a Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins full day trip.
Included: all transportation. Prices on request.

Kingston: Port Royal day trip

Port Royal is a dilapidated, ramshackle place of tropical lassitude. Today’s funky fishing hamlet was once the wealthiest city in the New World. In 1692 an earthquake destroyed Port Royal and 90 percent of the town disappeared under water,where it remains to this day. More than two thousand people died. Today you still find the old buildings; some of them have been rebuilt, most of them in their original shape. There are plans to develop Port Royal as a tourist destination. There is a famous restaurant called; Gloria’s. They serve delicious deep fright fish with Bammie (cassava bread), don’t forget to order a cold Red Stripe beer.

This is a Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins full day trip.
Included:all transportation. Prices on request.

Long Bay Beach

Entrance situated over a stretch of 1 miles on the main road, 15 minutes drive from Zion Country Beach Cabins.Long Bay Beach is also called ” hidden paradise beach”. This beach is not at all over crowded and it’s a perfect place to met the local people and have a drink with them. The sea is amazing with it’s colors and waves. This is not always a safe beach for the smallest children so keep a eye on them.NOTE for every swimmer in Long Bay Beach, only swim where you see others swimming, don’t swim far out and keep a eye on each other during swimming. There is sometimes a STRONG under current.

Here you find several restaurants:

  • Fisherman’s Park: local food , normal prices.
  • Marcus bar:Seafood, middle prices
  • Chill Out: local and European food like pizza’s (normal/high prices).


Morant Point Lighthouse half day trip

This is a really popular trip.This 33m tall red and white striped edifice marks Morant Point, the most Eastern tip of Jamaica. The 6m wide cast iron tube was shipped from England and erected in 1841 by freed African slaves from Sierra Leone. It is the oldest lighthouse in the island and is listed as a historical monument. You can climb to the top of the lighthouse. The powerful view and the windy silence make for a profound experience as you look out over rippling cane fields, as green as limes, toward the Blue Mountains, caressed by clouds. The drive takes you along the sugar cane fields and factory. We will conclude our outing with a nice, refreshing dip in
the ocean at near by Holland Bay with it’s fine white sand and beautiful Caribbean-colored water. When you make the trip with Zion Country there is a small entrance fee.

This is a Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins half day trip.
Included:all transportation & lighthouse fee. Prices on request.

Party expeditions

Most of the time we offer free transportation to nearby communities when sound systems are playing. We offer transportation in the evening (on request) to the following clubs in Port Antonio:  Club Cristals and the Roof Club.

This is a Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins trip.
Included: all transportation. Prices on request.

Port Antonio: shopping, visit new marina and Folly Lighthouse day trip

Port-Antonio is the capital of Portland.It was Jamaica’s main banana port. Melancholic Port Antonio still has the rakish air and tropical lassitude of a maritime harbor but over the last two years the Port Authority build a completely new five-star yacht marina with a walking promenade and with restaurants and shops and here you find also Lady G’ Diver were you can do Scuba diving & Padi. (more info: website / send mail /876-995-0246 or 876-289-3023)
In the fifties and sixties many great American artists came here for holidays. One of them was Errol Flynn, who’s family once owned Navy Island. Port-Antonio has supermarkets, a completely new craft market with craft shops, a post office, a hospital, telecommunications etc. Banks are open from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. and on Fridays until 4 p.m., closed on Saturdays and Sundays. ATM’s are also available. Folly is an old ruin dating from 1905. Once it was a two story, 70m long mansion boasting sixty rooms; an American millionaire’s humble residence. Folly now acts as popular backdrop for fashion photo shoots.

This is a Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins full day trip.
Included: all transportation. Prices on request

Rafting on the Rio Grande River day trip

Fed by torrential rains, the Rio Grande River rushes down from the Blue Mountains at an elevation of 1000 m and has carved a huge gorge. This exceedingly lush valley forms a deep v-shaped wedge between the North-Eastern flank of the Blue Mountains and the John Crow Mountains to the
East. It’s fertile alluvial soils are well watered and much of the valley is dominated by banana groves. On your raft trip you may see giant swallow tail butterflies, which are particularly abundant in early summer. Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins brings you to the starting point for your raft trip, where you pay 93 US dollars for a 1 or 2 person raft, including a captain. He will raft you down to sea level in about 2.5 hours, where we will pick you up again.

Included: Transportation. Full day trip. Prices on request.

Reggae Falls St. Thomas Parish day trip

A visit to an old dam ( falls ) in the parish of St Thomas.

We will drive in the morning hours, after breakfast, over off the beaten track roads, what are going for a part through the sugarcane and banana plantations and continue on a winding road with beautiful tropical nature beside a river. We will pass remote areas and communities were they don’t see often visitors. There we will buy drinks and food if necessary (so we support other communities) and continue our drive towards Reggae Falls.

Zion Country can only offer this trip when the rivers are not to high because we have to cross them several times, what is only possible with a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Once arrived by the Reggae Falls we will park  there and eat, drink etc. From this point we have to walk through the river ( 3 Ft deep ) and we will reach the dam / falls.

The water comes here from a height of 30 ft. down, you can sit on some spots where you get a good natural massage from the water power for your neck and back. If you are adventurous enough you can jump from the wall side (10 Ft. high) into the water.
For the rest of the time you can take a little adventure walk over the steep hill to reach the top of the dam where you have a beautiful view downwards. Around 4’ o clock in the afternoon we will head direction Zion Country for dinner or we eat dinner on the way back.

Included: Transportation. Full day trip. Prices on request.

River Climbing to the Reach Falls half day trip

This is one of the most beautiful and natural waterfalls of Jamaica. Number one waterfall, elected by the Jamaican Tourist Board for the last three years for his natural beauty.

Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins  offers this trip for groups & individuals, with a guide you hike up true the river to reach falls. Your path will pass through tropical rain forest, beautiful surroundings and a series of cascades tumbling over limestone tiers from one hollowed, jade colored pool to another.
From Reach Falls you continue your hike up to Madingo cave, almost a half mile up river to the Drivers River spring which feeds the falls with water. Note the signs that read, “Beware of deep pools and strong currents”. There are changing rooms and bathrooms above the parking lot. When you reach the falls, and on your way back down over and on your way back down over 1 hour walk downhill, you past some vendors of craft and fruits.

Included: Transportation and a guide. Full day trip. Prices on request.

San San Beach

Entrance situated on the main road, 40 minutes drive from Zion Country Beach Cabins.
San San beach is THE beach for snorkeling. The whole marine life area around San San beach is protected by law. No fish shooting, fishing or fast boats are allowed here. This is a nice piece of marine life to explore.

  • There are food and drinks for sale (high prices).
  • The entrance price is 10 US$

Under the Rock Beach

Entrance directly on the main road, 5 minutes drive from Zion Country.
Under the rock  beach is new since 2 years and it gets nice developed in a small bay. The beach is small but nice and romantic. There is food on sale and in the season you can eat on the beach.

  • There is on the top (entrance) and bottom a bar what sell all kind of drinks.
  • Every Sunday night there is music and some times they have live shows with local talent.
  • In the night the whole setting looks nice with colorful lights and benches to sit on.
  • Try it out with a nice drink in the hand.
  • Entrance is free (when there is no live music or sound system).

Winnefred Beach

Entrance, take a right turn by reaching Jamaican Crest Hotel in Fairy Hill, right again and you follow this road till next left, follow this and it brings you finally by the beach, 25 minutes drive from Zion Country Beach Cabins.
Winnefred beach is the only PUBLIC beach left over in east Portland. This beach is one of the most popular beaches by visitors and locals. On the holiday weekends you will found a lot of people and most of the times there is playing a sound system. You can eat the best food by “Lick them Fingers” a restaurant run by Cynthia and Painter. This beach is the perfect beach for children, most of the times quiet water and shallow, so safe for the small ones. You will find on the end of the beach a spring
where you can take a nice swim.

  • There are also drinks and craft on sale (normal prices).
  • The entrance is free.