I took my daughter to Zion Country for a 21st birthday present . It was a perfect present for her . She not only met ,but got no know and understand that life can be simple and easy . Life isn’t about possessions . FreeI the owner of Zion Country was the best host a traveler could ever imagine , we got to go to places that hardly any visitors ever get to see, and take time to get to know the locals . Stichy’s bar behind Zion Country had fresh banana’s and sugarcane for us everyday . Tamar had breakfast for us , ready at 9:a.m. and Owen took us places when FreeI was busy and treated us like we were guests of honor , cooking dinner for us and the other visitors . I have now been to Jamaica 4 times and this was my favorite trip . This time leaving the island , I did not miss the island as much as I did before , but I miss and will continue to miss FreeI and the great stories we shared and the brotherhood I truly felt . Owen who works for FreeI took my daughter under his arm and always had his eye open to make sure nothing happened to her but he did not make it look like he was taking special care of her , he is a great cook and I had fun at the Rasta Falls grilling with him for all the guests and friends and crew and family . One week is not enough time ,two weeks would be not enough time one month at a time might work for some ,but me I plan to retire to there . I will be going back I have found a good place , Portland through Long Bay . but especially the Garden of Eden at Zion Country .