I’ll join the chorus of those who love Zion Country. Departing the rough-edged city of Kingston with Free-I at the wheel we traveled into a slice of real Jamaica- not the pre-fab, insulated world of the all-inclusives. I liked the fact that Zion Country is small and set in a small town. It feels integrated into its surroundings, not dominant over them.

There are numerous wonderful side trips to take in the nearby countryside and Free-I was very helpful setting these up. Everyone on the small staff was friendly and helpful and the food was great. Time at Zion Country was low-key in the best sense- it would have been easy to spend all our time on the beautiful grounds but the trips to Winnifred Beach and Reach Falls and walks to Manchioneal were great experiences.

I heartily recommend a stay at Zion Country. I am not much of a tourist and this stay felt like living among friends. I felt like an honored guest, not a customer. I felt like I was treated as a human being by human beings.