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The best would be to travel back right now, instead of writing lovely bubbles of memory. But hey, ya Man! Zioncountry in the heart of Port Antonio – far away of all-inclusive tourist castles – with a nice root down humanity by all the peoples, personal and friends of the guesthouse.

After all it was such a worthful expierence – not just the paradise around with all these wonderful beaches and waterfalls, which you can reach easy with the road taxis – also the friendly people all around the area. So you can choose between just enjoying & relaxing at zion country directly at a beautiful ocean bay, dancin’ your head-off at the soundsystem weekend parties or travelling around the place and find some of mother worlds hidden treasures of untouched nature.

The owner Free-I will welcome you with open arms. He helps and shows everything you need to know. So give him a shout when you meet him by Kati & Danny from Berlin, Germany.

Also take care of his buddies Owen, Tamara and Victor. Drink some rum on us and have a good one in Jamaica!