Dear travellers and readers,

I was really shocked to read a very negative comment on Zion Country posted a few months ago.

After reading those comments I have to express my point of view.

I couldn’t belive what I was reading. Actually I don’t trust comments as those for a simple reason.
I know very well Zion Country, the owner Free-I and the rest of the crew.


I’ve been there four times.
First time: three weeks in August 2003 (alone).
Second time: one month in August 2004 (alone again).
Third time two weeks in March 2005 (with three friends).
Fourth time: three weeks in March 2006 (with my girlfriend, now wife).

Important Note: When posting the review TripAdvisor doesn’t allow to customize the date of staying before April 2010. For this and only reason I choosed March 2011. The real times I was there are written above.
The same applies for the “Traveled with” field. I went there alone and with friends, but this choice is not available. That’s why I choosed “Other” in the field.

I stayed in Zion Country all four times sleeping there all the time, eating there, and sharing my time there with the owner Free-I and the rest of the crew.

During those visits to Jamaica I’ve also being to different places than Muirton Pen, Long Road, where Zion Country is situated.

I’ve been also to the following places sharing the unmissable company of Free-I, Owen and Solomon “Mokko” Jackson (sometimes with the three of them, sometimes only with some of them, sometimes alone):

– Manchioneal (Portland)
– Long Road (Portland)
– Reach Falls (Portland)
– Kensington (Portland)
– Boston Bay (Portland)
– Fairy Hill (Portland)
– Long Bay (Portland)
– Innes Bay (Portland)
– Rose Garden (Portland)
– Winnifried’s beach (Portland)
– Blue Lagoon (Portland)
– Frenchman’s Cove (Portland)
– Port Antonio (Portland)
– Berridale – Rio Grande river (Portland)
– Golden Grove (St. Thomas)
– Morant Point (St. Thomas)
– Holland Bay (St. Thomas)
– Port Morant (St. Thomas)
– Sunning Hill (St. Thomas)
– Bath (St. Thomas)
– Bath Fountain (St. Thomas)
– Morant Bay (St. Thomas)
– Golden Shore beach (St. Thomas)
– Yallahs (St. Thomas)
– Kingston (St. Andrew)
– Blue River (St. Elizabeth)
– Bluefields (Westmorland)
– Negril (Westmorland)

Many of these places have been visited extensively and many times.

My experiences with these friends (Free-I, Owen and Solomon “Mokko” Jackson) had always been beautiful and fulfilling, sharing great talking, learning and thinking. Without them I wouldn’t been able to know and learn what Jamaica really is!

My staying at Zion Country as a guest has always been wonderful. I always felt respected, helped and treated as a friend. I never complained because there was never anything to complain. Everytime I needed something, Free-I and/or the crew helped me or my friends. The spot is unmissable, wonderful, relaxing. Simply the best.

Finally I must say that checking Zion Country’s web site is essential ( As Free-I (owner) always says “this is not a hotel”. Therefore be sure to understand what the place is.

Zion Country will not disappoint you. Impossible!

Share your thoughts, stay and chat with the people, explore the surroundings, feel Jamaica.

If you are that kind of person Zion Country will help to undestand this beautiful Caribbean island and you will be back!
For sure!.