We spent 5 days at Zion Country in July 2013, and we enjoyed it. It is a beautiful place and great surroundings. Especially, we enjoyed spending time with Owen (staff) who first of all made the best food we had in Jamaica. It was absolutely delicious. Also, Owen told us a lot about the local community and the jamaican life. There were no stupid questions, and we got to know so much. Thanks for that Owen 🙂 If you go here you must go and visit Stitchy and Janet who own the little shop on the other side of the street. They are great people and will give you a real Jamaica-experience. Breakfast is nothing spectacular (toast, jam and coffee) made by the owner Free-I, and there is no place to buy food in this little community. This is definitely a place worth visiting. There is one thing the we would criticize and that’s Free-I’s (the owner – dutch) way of treating his staff. He treats them very bad and doesn’t appreciate their hard work which basically is the reason why this place is so beautiful and worth visiting. So thanks to Tamara and Owen for at great stay at Zion Country – we will come back one day to visit you two!