My husband, friends and I booked 6 nights at Zion Country and stayed only 1. We arrived late after 36 hours of flying and 6 hours of driving the challenging Jamaican roads. Upon arrival we were met with a less than friendly attitude from Free-I (owner). We were shown the grounds and explained the very strict rules. We were shown to our Extremely Rustic Rooms. When we asked if there was anything in the kitchen for us to eat before bed his response was WE HAVE NO FOOD FOR YOU. We were thirsty and wanted a cold soda, beer or even water. We were told to get back in the car and go to the bar down the street. Being tired we stayed the night. The next morning weW went up the 50 or more stairs to the bar area. We were told the staff was not allowed to make coffee until 9:00 when breakfast was served. The staff went ahead and made the coffee but no coffee cups were allowed to leave the dining area. At 9:00 when breakfast was served we were given 5 pieces of bread and butter, a 2″ square of watermelon and 1 hard boiled egg. Served with coffee, tea or water. Free-I sat down at our table I said good morning to him, his response was I have already said good morning to everyone!

Call it cultural differences, but I feel Free-I doesn’t care about his guests or his staff. As a veteran traveler to Jamaica I have never been treated with such disrespect. I will be contacting the Jamaican Tourist Board to look into what is happening at this property. It is my opinion that this is a common thing. He gets the 50% deposit and then doesn’t care whether his guests are happy or not. If they leave then he makes money.

Other Issues: The Stairs are treturous, The bathrooms are in the middle of the staircase, showers are alomost and beach level with only cold water, there are electrical outlets in the cabins. Please feel free to email me with any questions.