A lot of people come to Jamaica and stay in a mega-resort. But they end up never leaving the property and only interacting with other tourists. That used to be us. And then we discovered Zion Country Beach Cabins. At Zion Country you can be totally immersed in Jamaican culture and interact with and be a part of the local community. From the authentic and delicious cuisine prepared by Owen for dinner to taking walks down Long Road for a drink, snack or ice cream, you get to discover the real Jamaica.

The owner of Zion Country, Free-I, has created a quiet and secluded tropical paradise. Each cabin has a beautiful deck facing the bay, where you can sit and relax or even take a nap in a hammock. You can also access a small private beach right below. There are rooms with private bathrooms but we recommend the cabins (which share a bathroom) because you get a beautiful view of the water and a deck with a hammock. The gardens are beautiful and you can often see hummingbirds among the flowers and birds soaring above the property. The sound of the lizards at night is unbelievable!

There are plenty of beaches in the area, a couple of them within walking distance. The village of Manchioneal, where you can find restaurants, is 5 minutes away by bus. You can also explore Portland Parish by taking the public bus, which is very inexpensive. Zion Country is about one hour away from Port Antonio, and on the way you will find such beautiful beaches as Long Bay, Boston Beach, Winnifred Beach, the Blue Lagoon, San San Beach and Frenchman’s Cove. Free-I can also set you up with a guide for a hike to Reach Falls or give you any other information about the area. Be sure to ask about the blowholes, it is worth the look!

If you want to explore the real Jamaica and be surrounded by nature, this is the place for you! We have already been there twice and cannot wait to go back!