We recently spent 3 weeks in Zion Country. Since we were the only guests for most of that time, we had a chance to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, watch humming birds and lizards, snorkel in the bay, listen to frog and lizard concerts in the evenings. Free-I and Owen were very helpful with information for various trips. We visited Reach Falls with local guide RenĂ©, who was very attentive, carried our backpack and camera, took photographs when we jumped into rockpools. Very enjoyable! Diving with Lady G in port Antonio was fantastic. We almost always ate at Zion, because we really enjoyed Owen’s cooking. He cooks local food, Ackee and breadfruit and plantain and other things and everything tastes lovely. The cabins were basic but comfortable with a balcony to relax on and the cold showers were refreshing. So if you want to be close to nature and local people in the nicest bit of nature on the island and not too close to mainstream tourism and animations we would strongly advise you to come here. The only little things we were not so happy with was the breakfast, which was a bit simple (toast and marmalade, sometimes an egg, but always some fruit) and the fact that there was no electric socket in the cabin. Just light and a fan, so you couldn’t make a cup of tea or charge your phone without going up to the main area. We could understand Free-I’s reason for that though. He wants to preserve the peaceful atmosphere and doesn’t want people to start playing loud music or sit at their computer all day. We would certainly go and spend another holiday there.

Pearl A