Zion Country is an “off the beaten path” place that offers a unique opportunity to enjoy Jamaica without staying in a highly trafficked touristy place. We really enjoyed our stay here. We feel as though we got to experience the sights and people of the Long Road community. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. Free-I, the proprietor of Zion Country, has created a unique place. Its landscaping is truly beautiful. Allow yourself the time to explore the coast. We took the route taxis up and down it and saw many different sites (i.e. Frenchman’s Cove, Winifred Beach etc.) A highlight was going to Reach Falls with the tourguide Rennie.

Zion Country is great! Our only criticism is that they did not have any hammocks available. Apparently they ordered some, but they hadn’t arrived yet. Thanks to the entire staff at Zion Country (Free-I, Owen and Tamar)! We had a memorable vacation!