Free-I (the owner) is a landscaper. His garden is a pure beauty. He had a vision 15 years ago in turning a wild piece of land into a superb but simple bed and breakfast lodge.
To us, the best of its kind in the whole area.
2 double cabins with a lovely terrace, as well as 3 cold water showers built among the banana trees with a beautiful view of the sea (a must experience !) . Cold but revigorating water !
This easy going place is perfect for those who want to get away from electronic devices, crowded places, sophisticated all-inclusive resorts and just enjoy the pure beauty of the island, its people, its music and its tropical rhythm
We felt absolutely safe in Zion Country and well advised about dos and donts for our daily excursions.
Our teens said they had their best vacation ever !

Photos from other travelers already posted reflect the absolute charm of the place.

Dinner is available on request. And we definitively advise to try Owen’s delicious meals.

We would recommend to have a car to move around unless you appreciate the daredevil style of driving of jamaican cab drivers

We left the place with sadness and hope to be back again
One love.

Genevieve T