I absolutely loved our stay at Zion Country, I just wish we would have been able to stay longer. Free-I is an excellent host, and he has created a beautiful oasis there at Zion country. He took great care of us, and made us feel so welcome.

I would have been content just to staying there and resting on the beach, swimming in the calm ocean/inlet water or in a sleeping in hammock on the deck of our cabin, but my family wanted to see our surroundings. Free-I arranged a tour of Reach Falls for us, and we enjoyed hiking up the stream, and swimming through clear, sweet mountain water. We also visited Winnifred beach where my husband snorkeled for hours, while I relaxed on the sand, and ate shrimp soup. We also walked to the nearby town of Manchioneal, and out onto some volcanic rocks.

Dinners at Zion Country are excellent. Owen uses fresh, healthy ingredients, and serves big portions. I love his fish dinners! Thanks, Owen.