Jamaica should give tanks that Free-I came to settle pon da rock. Here at Zion country is a shining example of eco tourism in action. Free-I’s vision & hard work has created a place that is very hard to leave.
The sea & sky was wicked an wild & lazing in The cabin & on verandah felt like the bough of a ship.

The view is spectacular across the bay & river mouth (1 of the best in all jamaica) & the first breakfast was interupted with Owens shout of “Man-ateeeee” from the main house upper deck verandah, where us guests were invited to come look with binoculars at a rare sight of this endangered mammal that frequents the warm river water flowing out to the bay. Owen keeps a record of sightings & we were lucky as the manatee hadnt been around for a few weeks.

Free-i’s horticultural experience is demonsrated in the labelling of every plant found in the lushious landscaped Gardens. The cabins cling to the cliffside & the property is graced by a shallow bay thats great for snorkelling, & it was while we were out in the water the next morning we heard Tamar & Owen shouting again. Floating on Free-i’s surfboard we slowly made our approach towards the gently bobbing creature & were blessed to get within metres to carefully study him, it was an approaching fishermans engine that eventually scared him away. This unique experience was a highlight of the Trip. Along with Rennies 2hr Ramble through the river to enter the Reach falls the back way, Happy to pay him for what was an amazing trek, i was not informed that the going rate is just $400JA per person & i had gone way over that, giving him what the UDC charge to enter the falls! oh well it was he’s lucky day..

As you cannot see the sunrise from the property ,Owen pointed us down the lane & up a path to the east facing volcanic Blowholes,3 hrs were whiled away before breakfast marvelling at the ferocity of the ocean smashing against the rugged coast & spraying a fine salt mist on our windswept faces.

After reading the visitors book,the only regret is not having the satisfaction of tasting Owens evening dinners,as we had ventured down the main road to the lovable Mama Joice’s to enjoy her home cooking( $300JA)& a belly full meant we had no room for Owens renowned flavours.

My only disappointment was after spending almost 1 month yamming the traditional Jamaican cooked breakfast, we were served a simple continental style,(cornflakes,Toast) oh well i suppose it saves gas & energy keeping in tune with the ethos of the Zion Style……..

As we were still on a high from the manatee swim, we left without contributing to the comments book.

I hope Free-i will read this & extend our thanx & gratitude to He, Owen & Tamar for such a welcome respite from the Jamaican tourist trail, This place is For real.