Me and my girlfriend spend the first week of our jamaica hollidays in the Zion Country.
It was the best decission to start there and we enjoyed every moment of our time with Free-I, Owen and Tamara.
As there are only two bungalows with 2 rooms each, the place can never be overcrowded and its a family atmosphere all the time.
In addition to that you can do hummingbird watching from your balkony and its really quite and peacefull there (no husteling, bagging, partying, …). The place is absolutly save and its far away from any ghetto or tourist area. Its just the right place to get used to the climat and to get some usefull informations about the island and the people. You can even explore the nearer sights like the “Reach Falls” or the “Bath Fountain” with the help of Free-I or some of his jamaican frinds from the nearby community of Long Road (special tip: check the hot springs in “Bath Fountain” in the night, specially when there is full moon!!!).

Next visits to jamaica we will allways start at zion country and mybe we gonne stay there for the whole time, when we have seen the rest of the island.