We had a great stay at Zion Country for a long weekend in November. Free-I and Owen were excellent hosts and made us feel at home. The property was beautiful–on a hillside overlooking a cove, with beautiful landscaping and handwritten labels on a lot of the plants and trees. The resident dogs and cat made it feel cozy too. We stayed in the room attached to the main house, which has a private bath. It was very spacious, and like the rest of the property, simple and clean. The immediate neighborhood of Zion Country has a couple of small businesses (restaurants and bodegas), but we spent a lot of time driving up and down the coast, visiting different beaches and restaurants from Port Antonio down to Long Bay and Manchioneal. It’s a beautiful drive and there is lots to see. Every business owner we spoke to knew Free-I and Zion Country, and I think it gained us some points with them. Two of the most memorable things we did in Jamaica–Reach Falls (a must) and a sound system party in Manchioneal–were things Free-I and Owen helped introduce us to (setting us up with a guide to Reach Falls and flagging us down as we drove past the sound system). We left already talking about our next trip, and highly recommend Zion Country.