Hey Free-I, Owen and Tamara (staff),
We enjoyed to stay at your place. Zion country is a small guesthouse with a big veranda, 4 huts and 1 big room. The garden is gorgeous and well-kept, thanks to Free-I botanic skills. This place looks beautifull, well-kept and the views from the main place are superb. Dutch man Free-I talked a lot with us about life in Jamaica, Cook Owen and Tamara served some great food, dinner was the best that we had in Jamaica (thanks Owen!). From this place you can swim in the sea (pebbled beach) or in the river (Reach River). Local community was friendly and maybe the only thing i can be critical about is the breakfast (toast + jam/cheese and coffee/tea) which to my opinion can have more variety (tropical fruits all around). Free-I hoping all goes a bit better with your shoulder and we enjoyed spending time in your place. And the backdoor tour at Reach Falls was by far our favourite sightseeing trip for Jamaica. Wish you all the best, Jeannette, Tim and Stefan (physical therapist)!

Stefan B