We met Free I earlier on our trip in Negril (West-Jamaica). He invited us on his guesthouse when we past the east of the Island. So we did.
We expected the same average guesthouse as we have experienced in the west and the south. But believe me, we where all pleasand surprised on our arrivel in Zion Country. When we saw the ocean view, the beautifull garden, the rooms… we where totally relaxed.
We where with a group of six. Only one beach cabin was free. 2 guys slept there en 4 of us in a room on the street side. One of us slept on a matras on the ground. Thats why I just give it an “very good” quote 😉 Never the less, we didn’t complain ’cause after all, we where a “big” group and they found a solution to sleep over.
The helping hands Owen en Tamar are very friendly. They made one of the best breakfasts of our roadtrip!
TIP: if you like adventure, ask to go fishing on baracuda’s with the local fisherman. They will arange it. If you got lucky, like we did, Owen will prepare your fish on a very tasty way!
TIP: if you like to visit the reach falls, ask information there to go with a local guide (Renée). you will see a much more beatifull side of the falls.

Conclusion: when you are on a roadtrip, it’s the best deal in the east!