Zion Country is a gorgeous property, BUT Free-I is not a good host. We arrived late after traveling many hours we were greeted by a less than enthusiastic Free-I. He reluctantly helped us carry our bags to our very small and very rustic rooms. When asked if there was something in the kitchen we could eat his exact words were, We have no food for you! I went to the bar to get something cold to drink and was told there was 1 beer and 1 cold soda and no ice available. This was not a good start to our vacation! The next morning I went up for coffee and was told I couldn’t take the coffee cup out of the kitchen. I wanted to take a cup to my wife and wasn’t allowed. I had to beg the staff to make coffee before 9:00 am. Then I was sorry, because we had to listen to Free-I yell at them for making the coffee.

To say the least we were very disappointed with our treatment and chose to leave the first morning. When asked for a refund of the balance of our deposit we were laughed at and told that wasn’t an option.

In my opinion Zion Country is misrepresented on their web site. And anyone booking there should be careful and ask a lot of questions before paying the deposit.