Zion Country is an amazing and unique Jamaican experience. It is situated on the side of a cliff looking out over a magnificent bay and the mouth of a river. The cabins look out over the beach with a hammock and deck to relax on. Free-I was a wonderful host and it was to great to chat with him and hear his stories. Owen was also a wonderful cook and host who made us feel at home and made fantastic dinners for us. The cabins are small yet very comfortable and the fan is enough to keep you cool at night. The sounds of the surrounding animals and nature can be a bit loud at night but you get used to it very quickly. The surrounding town of Manchioneal has a handful of little bars to drink at and the locals were very friendly. The open air showers also make for an amazing view. This was the most relaxing and peaceful place we found in all of Jamaica and we will definitely be returning soon.