Zion Country is located in a beatiful area of Jamaica, you have many beaches and interesting places to visit, like reach falls, the lighthouse and son on, and the area is not full of tourists. The guest house is a paradise: the cabins (very clean) are located in a garden full of plants, and the sound of the sea and nature are protagonists!! Free-I, Owen and Tamar are special persons.Trips organized at Zion Country are nice and “genuine”, just listen their suggestion on what to do and you’ll fell so good! Or you can just stay at Zion and walk around in the community of Manchioneal where people are so friendly. Zioncountry is a good base for visiting the Portland area. Food is very good, breakfast is plentiful and good, and the dinner is just great, Owen is so good at cooking, and Jamaican food is very, very good!!! So, I strongly recommend Zion Country for living Jamaica far from noisy places, in a paradise!!!