This place is great! We certainly do not regret our decision to stay at Zion Country for a week-long holiday in Jamaica. Free-I is a real character with a ton of useful information about how travelers can spend their time in Portland, Tamar is lovely, and Owen, the in-house chef, is the coolest guy in Long Road. There is a friendly atmosphere among the guests at Zion, who seem to come from all over the world. The beach on the property is indeed a rocky one, but we took daily dips in the water to cool off and it served our purposes just fine.
Zion is not an all-inclusive resort, nor does it claim to be – it is a b&b. On weekdays, Owen will prepare guests a delicious dinner for a reasonable price, which must be ordered in the morning. Otherwise, and on weekends, finding places to eat in the nearby communities can be an adventure. We learned that no matter the day, somewhere, someone will be serving tasty food.
Portland parish is simply beautiful. There are plenty of wonderful beaches, not to mention the must-see Reach Falls, within driving distance from Zion. The public transportation system in the area is a blast, with cabs and buses traveling frequently up the main coastal highway.
These rustic cabins are perfect for getting away from busy urban life, and being transported to summer in the middle of a mucky March. Perhaps they would not be suitable for someone looking to have all their needs met in one place, but for us, it was ideal.
Peace and love, mon.

Tara M