From the minute I got to Zion Country I was greeted and treated like a friend.
My room was minimal, but had everything I needed. I didnt spend much time there any how. You probably wont want to either, when you see how much Portland, Jamaica has to offer. Staff and locals are more than willing to help you see the beauty of their town.

The main man of the house, Free-I, was very cool. A hard working man who also knows to have a good time. Free-I shared some time with us, and gave us pointers on getting on with the locals. We even got to tag along for an amazing ride along the country side to chill at Winnifred beach. Owen was a great host, he set me up with everything I needed, and he cooks great meals. I recommend having dinner there. Tamar is a gorgeous Jamaican girl and a sweet hostess. I owe her a mango for the next time I come to Zion.

There are great sights to see, and the Long Road community is very nice and chill people. Tourism is not commercialized here, so do not expect the campy attractions you find in resort towns. For a real true and pure vision of Jamaica I highly recommend Portland. My girlfriend has visited Jamaica 3 times prior, and she said this was her favorite. So if youre looking for a more authentic and less predictable trip, this is the place for you. Lastly, eat the fruit there. They have the best fresh grown fruits, ever.