First the good: Beautiful settings, great gardens, cabins rustic but adequate (although not very clean), fantastic backdoor tour to Reach Falls, laid back atmosphere and Owen, the very friendly cook.
The less good: We did not feel we were treated like guests but barely tolerated on the propriety. There was no possibility to get anything to drink or to eat for the whole day aside of the 9.00 am breakfast (and when my son asked for 1 more slice of bread he was answered “that’s what it is, no more”). The veranda has a beautiful view but without any shade, no music and no bar it is not a place to linger on for very long. When I made a remark about that The owner told me he normally had a bar running but not at this time due to the low occupation grade (our party was occupying 3 of the 5 available accommodations and there were 1 or 2 extra couples during our whole stay, which looks to me like a full place!). There were just too many unsolicited remarks like “I want to party tonight but I have to get up tomorrow for your breakfast”, “I hate cooking so I won’t do it for you and on Sunday everything is closed here so you’ll have to go to Long Beach (20 mn drive) if you want to eat”, etc…In the beginning we thought it was meant as a dry kind of humor but after a while it really started to irritate.

All in all we thought Zion Country was the least nice accommodation of the 6 we used all around Jamaica. My advice would be to go 30 mn closer to Port Antonio to San San Tropez, where for a lesser price you will get better accommodation, good food and an equally laid back but far more friendly atmosphere.