We travelled to Jamaica in July – we had four “stops” there, our first was at Zion Country in Portland (East of the island). Zion Country Beach Cabins are small houses in the middle of a beautiful jungle-garden, at night you can only hear the noises of the jungle.
The rooms are simple but have everything you need…(except hot water, but people would know that if they read a little bit about the island in advance) – of course, if you want a suite with bathtub and hot water, you should go to one of the expensive resorts…but there you would miss the real Jamaica…and, for sure, you can have that at Zion Country.
Free-I has a great team there, Owen and Tamara, they prepare great food and are really wonderful people…you feel at home immediately. The breakfast in the middle of the garden with view to the ocean is unique and a highlight every day (even if the breakfast is simple too…usually some bread, cheese, jam, coffee and fresh fruits). The area, where Zion Country is located, is (for us) one of the most beautiful areas on the whole island…it seems very peaceful and authentic. People are very friendly and everyone knows Free-I.
From Zion Country you can do great day-trips to the Reach Falls, Winnifred Beach, Frenchman´s Cove and many other beaches (we always went by route-taxis…the Jamaican style of public transportation…you have to get used to the way they drive and that there are 25 instead of 15 passengers in one car…it´s a great experience).
So, if you go to Zion Country you can expect to get to know a piece of real Jamaica…it´s for people who come to the island in order to get in touch to Jamaican people and to understand more about the Jamaican way of life.
Free-I, Owen and Tamara are really nice people and they can help you with anything you need while your stay there…Free-I and Owen also always know about the good parties going on around.
We loved that place and we know, on our next trip to Jamaica, we will plan at least a few days at Zion Country! – It is the perfect place for relaxing…but you can also have action, if you want…
We wish the team of Zion Country all the best and hope to see you again soon!

Teresa W