We stayed at Zion for 8 night in December. We absolutely loved it! The place is so well designed and is up to ‘European’ standards. There’s constant water, really good wifi all over the place, beautiful rooms where everything works, nicely decorated with a gorgeous view over the bay. The gardens are absolutely stunning, with so many lovely plants and trees full of wildlife – hummingbirds, lizards etc. Owen and Tamara are wonderful, really helpful and just lovely people. We enjoyed their company. Free-I is a really nice guy, we had some great conversations with him and enjoyed hearing about his 20+ years in Jamaica. Have dinner cooked by Owen, its reasonably priced and tastes amazing.
Yes Long Road is a bit secluded, it isn’t touristy, but its a wonderful traditional village filled with Jamaican life. If you get the bus to Manchineel there are a few places to eat or you can get the bus further up to Long Bay where there’s lots of restaurants and bars on the beach.
If you are looking for parties and lots of people, this might not be the place for you. If your looking for relaxation, nature, a glimpse of true Jamaica, then go to Zion. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for having us, we hope to see you next year xxxx