Zion Country suited us perfectly for a 10 day family vacation. We chose Jamaica, then Portland parish for our destination because it seemed like the ideal combination of natural beauty, real culture, and a relaxed vibe that we were looking for. After reading many reviews online for places to stay, the choice seemed clear that Zion Country was the place for us, and we were right! It’s located off the main road, so is relatively quiet, the gardens are stunning, the food was delicious every time ( vegetarian meals were prepared to perfection) the swimming at your doorstep is ideal for younger people, and it’s so close to a diversity of wonderful beaches, country trips, and port Antonio. There are two cabins on the sloping hill nestled in the gardens, each split into 2 halves, so a family of four fits nicely if the whole cabin is rented. The neighborhood of Long Road is very friendly and safe, our kids walked up by themselves many times for ice cream and such. Free-I, Owen, and Tamar were generous and caring hosts to us, and helped make our stay in Jamaica worry free and very special.
If you are more interested in unspoiled natural beauty, friendly people to meet, and taking it slow in a more rustic setting, then being pampered alongside hundreds of others at a resort, this place is for you.