Reggae Falls St. Thomas Parish day trip

Reggae Falls St. Thomas Parish day trip

A visit to an old dam ( falls ) in the parish of St Thomas.

We will drive in the morning hours, after breakfast, over off the beaten track roads, what are going for a part through the sugarcane and banana plantations and continue on a winding road with beautiful tropical nature beside a river. We will pass remote areas and communities were they don’t see often visitors. There we will buy drinks and food if necessary (so we support other communities) and continue our drive towards Reggae Falls.

Zion Country can only offer this trip when the rivers are not to high because we have to cross them several times, what is only possible with a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Once arrived by the Reggae Falls we will park  there and eat, drink etc. From this point we have to walk through the river ( 3 Ft deep ) and we will reach the dam / falls.

The water comes here from a height of 30 ft. down, you can sit on some spots where you get a good natural massage from the water power for your neck and back. If you are adventurous enough you can jump from the wall side (10 Ft. high) into the water.
For the rest of the time you can take a little adventure walk over the steep hill to reach the top of the dam where you have a beautiful view downwards. Around 4’ o clock in the afternoon we will head direction Zion Country for dinner or we eat dinner on the way back.

Included: Transportation. Full day trip. Prices on request.