Zion Country,

home of the Manatees

Zion Country Eco-Beach Cabins, home of the manatees. A family of 4 manatees have frequently visited Eco-Zion Country for the last seven years. Here In Eco-Zion Country, we have been keeping a survey for the last 4 years on how often they visit the harbor and under which weather conditions.
There are rewer than 3000 west-indian manatees around the globe. Manatees are mammals weighing between 500 and 1000 Kg. They are not dangerous to humans. They drink fresh water and feed on sea grasses.
The reason manatees come into manchioneal harbor and close to Zion Country Eco-Beach Cabins is because of the fresh water flowing from the drivers river and reach falls and out in front of Zion Country Eco-Beach Cabins into the manchioneal harbor. If you are lucky you can swim or even touch the manatees or just observe them while snorkeling. The most common months that you can see manatees at Zion Country Eco-Beach Cabins are february until october.

Manatee survey

Manatees are large marine mammals weighing up to 2000 pounds and reaching more than 12 feet in length. Like whales, their large bodies can only be supported in their watery environment. On land, their body weight would crush their internal organs. Manatees are the only marine mammals that are herbivores.Just to keep their big bodies warm, they have to eat up to one tenth of their body weight every day. For the typical manatee that means more than 100 pounds of water plants! That’s equal to more than 200 heads of lettuce!