Entrance situated over a stretch of 1 miles on the main road, 15 minutes drive from Zion Country Beach Cabins.Long Bay Beach is also called ” hidden paradise beach”. This beach is not at all over crowded and it’s a perfect place to met the local people and have a drink with them. The sea is amazing with it’s colors and waves. This is not always a safe beach for the smallest children so keep a eye on them.NOTE for every swimmer in Long Bay Beach, only swim where you see others swimming, don’t swim far out and keep a eye on each other during¬†swimming.¬†There is sometimes a STRONG under current.

Here you find several restaurants:

  • Fisherman’s Park: local food , normal prices.
  • Marcus bar:Seafood, middle prices
  • Chill Out: local and European food like pizza’s (normal/high prices).