Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins offers is a 3 day/2 night trip to the Blue Mountains. Our drive takes us from Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins through Cedar Valley to the Blue Mountains. On our way we cross 2 rivers and enjoy the many beautiful views. At Hagley Gap we park our car and change to a 4-wheel drive vehicle which takes us to Whitfield Hall, a half hour drive..

There we spend the nights at a “bobo rasta” family’s (Jah-B) house among the coffee farms. Here breakfast and dinner are cooked to order, there are drinks and little snacks available and in the coffee season you can help to pick the coffee beans and make your own world famous Blue Mountain coffee. If you want to go up to the peak we start at around 2 a.m. in the morning. The climb takes about 3.5 hours and you have to be physically fit. We reach the peak just before sunrise. Here you can see the lights of Kingston; on a clear day a fabulous sunrise will dazzle your eyes and sometimes you can see all the way to Cuba. It can be very cold at the peak, so please bring extra clothing. Don’t forget Hiking boots, extra water, dried fruit and last but not least a flashlight

Further up is cloud forest, dripping with filaments of hanging lichens and festooned with epiphytus and moss. Near the top is Stunted Dwarf or Elfin Forest, with trees such as Hirsute, Soapwood and Redwood no more than 3 m tall –an adaptation to the extreme temperatures. On return at our base, breakfast is served and the rest of the day is reserved for relaxation. An alternative for hiking the peak, is a visit to a waterfall — a 2 hour hike.The following day you can “chill out ” or take a walk, exploring the surrounding area . On the third day we drive back to Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins.

Included: All transportation and two nights accommodation. Three day trip. Prices on request.