Fed by torrential rains, the Rio Grande River rushes down from the Blue Mountains at an elevation of 1000 m and has carved a huge gorge. This exceedingly lush valley forms a deep v-shaped wedge between the North-Eastern flank of the Blue Mountains and the John Crow Mountains to the
East. It’s fertile alluvial soils are well watered and much of the valley is dominated by banana groves. On your raft trip you may see giant swallow tail butterflies, which are particularly abundant in early summer. Zion Country Eco-beach Cabins brings you to the starting point for your raft trip, where you pay 93 US dollars for a 1 or 2 person raft, including a captain. He will raft you down to sea level in about 2.5 hours, where we will pick you up again.

Included: Transportation. Full day trip. Prices on request.