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Zion Country,

Eco Beach Cabins

Long Road, P.A. Portland, Jamaica, W.I.

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Paradise Yoga Retreat August 18-23, 2024

Who is ready to calm their spirit and mind?

To take a deep breath and feel your entire body relax

To get back to basics and nature.

To wake up with the sun and go to sleep with the stars

To remember or create your dreams


  • RSVP needed by 08/09/24 to secure your place in paradise.

    Message Ida Pearl Lee for more information!

Jamaica: Zion Country 🇯🇲



Ida Pearl Lee / (810) 938 0281

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It started in 1996

Zion Country Eco beach Cabins is a 1 acre property with a private beach with a view to the ocean and to the John Crow mountains.
Dutch born Free-I, from Holland, bought the one acre property in 1996, re-landscaped the whole property and build 4 wooden beach cabins. The work took five years but Zion Country Eco beach Cabins opened its doors in 1999 and hosts visitors from all over the world. In 2008, after Hurricane Gustaf, Zion Country was badly damaged, but was totally rebuilt and looks even better. Each unit has two rooms (2 persons each room), there is atmospheric light in the cabins, a sea view and balcony where you can relax or fall asleep in a hammock. Or you can walk outside the gate into a friendly Jamaican Community.

Wake up in paradise

These days, Zion Country Eco beach Cabins is well-planted with lumber trees and fruit trees including Banana, Breadfruit, Plum, Ackee, Orange, Soursop, Pear, Coconut, Almond, Jamaican Apple, Passion and Pineapple mixed with Caribbean plants and flowers.

Zion Country Eco beach Cabins is the place for eco, low budget and back pack tourism in the east of the island.The laid-back and relaxed holidays are popular in Zion Country Eco beach Cabins. Fall asleep or sit by our campfire (when the wind-direction is good) with the sound of hundreds of crickets, lizards, tree frogs, bull frogs and other sounds of nature including the waves of the sea. Wake up in paradise next morning and have your breakfast served with Blue Mountain coffee or tea — bush or English — and watch for one of the following creatures: manatees, dolphins, hummingbirds, nightingales, John Crow birds (Vulture), Baldplates, White owls, Cow birds, parrots, pigeons, Beeny birds, Grey Herons, bats, swallows, Pelicans, Sea Eagles, Frigate birds, butterflies, Fire Flys and Mongoose. In the evening we serve traditional Jamaican dishes; “fingerlicking” they say here.